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Developmental Experiences

Experiences Overview

Guided approaches to continuing personal, professional, and organisational development 

Do you feel you have not yet reached your full potential?

If so, would you consider that this may not be due to a lack of knowledge, education, or skills – what you think – but rather has to do with how you think?

Continuing development in adulthood comes about through transformative experiences, deliberately working on how you think, and is the key to how you can reach your full potential. Effective professional and organisational development in today’s world must also be based on and integrated with personal development for sustainability.

The Keynes Centre is a pioneer internationally in developing methods for supporting continuing development in adulthood through Developmental Experiences, which are the cornerstone of our approach.

Developmental experiences open you to transforming how you think, to growing your independent capability for making clear choices and judgements, to improving your relationships and interactions with others, and to living and operating more effectively in an uncertain world.

You can build the confidence to move beyond the comfort zone of ingrained habits of thought and to experiment with other perspectives and new ideas. You will learn how to listen in a real sense to others as part of how to form your own opinions without feeling threatened and to stimulate and encourage openness through personal and professional dialogue.

At a certain point in life people become aware they are on the cusp of advancing their ambitions and become focused on how to reach them. At the same time, they often reach a plateau where they feel they have exhausted their own internal ways of relating to others and making decisions, although those ways may have served them well up to now.

People then have a choice either to intentionally undertake deliberate transformation of how they think or to remain stuck where they currently are, on the plateau. To move beyond that state of being stuck requires us to release ourselves from limits imposed on us by our current ways of thinking.

The Keynes Centre, through its Developmental Experiences, acts as a catalyst for transformation by  creating the space through  guidance  and support for you to become aware of how you think and to facilitate transformation of your current ways of understanding the world.

Are you ready for the challenge of continuing your development in adulthood by working with us on how you think in a supportive and encouraging ‘place apart’ from the daily bustle?

If you believe you are, we have the following range of innovative and unique Experiences available to meet your need for continuing development.

We are open to co-designing and customising  to meet specific needs of individuals, groups, and organisations for undertaking individual or organisational development.

Frontier research shows continuing personal development is based on personal experiences.

Developmental Experiences are the cornerstone of our approaches for Transforming How You Think.

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