Developing 'The Leadership Mind'


The Leadership Mind (2022) is about how to think about ‘leadership’ as a capability that can be developed by anybody through personal transformation, culminating in a mind that can operate at uncertainty and meet the challenges of the increasingly complex world of today.

Developing such a mind will be of interest to people in all walks of life – business, politics, and society. The book has been described as one of the best books available on personal development. This reflects the fact that there is no lasting professional development without personal development.

This offering provides a deep dive into The Leadership Mind through reading, dialogues, and reflections by using The Keynes Centre’s proven method of Reading for Transformation Experiences.

Our work together will not be about what to think, but rather for you to have the opportunity to explore how to think.

Participants will learn:

  • that ‘leadership’ is a capability that can only be developed through a process of personal transformation
  • how to transform daily thinking about ‘management’ and ‘leadership’ and their development for successful organisations
  • about the nature of causality and the roles of designed and emergent order thinking for understanding the relationship between plurality and complexity
  • how thought-leadership-followership dominates thinking today
  • the distinction between education/training and development and how to undertake personal change
  • to operate more successfully at the uncertainty arising from the increasing degree of complexity of the world today.


Online, Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. 


Dates for next round of 'Developing The Leadership Mind' TBA.

COST – €325. Full participation expected.

The Keynes Centre's 'Developing The Leadership Mind’ is eligible for CPD Training recognition for maintaining general professional standards. For any queries regarding CPD please email

'Developing The Leadership Mind' can also be co-designed and delivered in-house as a workout for organisational and team development. Please inquire as to how 'Developing The Leadership Mind' can be right for you and your organisation.

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...when the will to self-searching has you by the throat, there is immense value in being able to find a Self: that is to say, a solid entity that you can trust, because you have made it yourself, and made it well. A well-made Self is not a haphazard collection of habits and prejudices, of notions and fancies: it is an ordered set of reflections, conclusions and convictions. Now the task of continually bringing these elements together and putting some order among them requires an outside stimulus and a discipline. This stimulus may be of the regrettable kind, such as a grave illness or a great sorrow; or it may be a strong and sustained religious faith. But for most people, the stimulus and discipline are deliberately chosen. They take the form of getting outside one’s routine and filling the mind with vicarious experiences. This is best done through reading.

Jacques Barzun


The Leadership Mind authors Q&A

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