What is Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the transfer of knowledge and discoveries to the public. It can occur through publications, educated students entering the workforce, exchanges at conferences, and relationships with industry, among other things. For the purposes of this guide, technology transfer refers to the formal licensing of technology to third parties under the guidance of professionals employed by universities, research foundations, and businesses.  

What is UCC Innovation?

UCC Innovation is a UCC service unit comprising of specialists in IP management, IP licensing, business development, new venture establishment and IP legal matters who are experienced in transferring technologies from the physical sciences, life sciences, and information and computer sciences. In the context of technology transfer, we are responsible for managing invention disclosures from all schools, colleges, research centres and institutes, as well as the Tyndall National Institute and the Irish Management Institute (IMI). 

Why would a researcher want to participate in the technology transfer process?

The reasons are unique to each researcher and may include: 

  • Making a positive impact on society 
  • Feeling a sense of personal fulfilment  
  • Generating additional research laboratory/school funding 
  • Meeting the obligations of a research contract 
  • Attracting research sponsors 
  • Creating educational opportunities for students 
  • Linking students to future job opportunities 
  • Learning entrepreneurial skills and know-how 
  • Achieving recognition and financial rewards 

How is technology transferred?

Technology is typically transferred through a license agreement in which UCC grants its rights in the defined technology to a third party for a period of years.  The use of the rights by the company can be limited to a particular field of use and/or region of the world. The licensee (the third party licensing the technology) may be an established company or a new business spin-out. Licenses include terms that require the licensee to meet certain performance requirements and to make financial payments to the UCC. These payments are shared with the inventors and are also distributed to the schools/colleges, research centres/institutes/units, and central administration to provide support for further research, education, and participation in the tech transfer process. 

Unless specifically described otherwise, the term inventor includes individuals listed on a patent as well as contributors who have shared in creating the value of intellectual property rights that are not patented.    

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