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Revenue Distributions

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How are license revenues distributed?

UCC Innovation is responsible for managing the expenses and revenues associated with technology agreements. UCC’s Intellectual Property Policy (include link) describes how revenues from license fees, royalties and equity—minus any unreimbursed patenting and file expenses—are shared with inventors.  

Do I receive equity in a UCC spinout company?

As an inventor you will not automatically receive any of the equity received by UCC in the spinout company. However, if you are directly involved in the spinout company you may negotiate an equity stake in the company in return for your participation in founding and growing the spinout company. Equity includes shares and/or share options.

What are the tax implications of any revenues I receive from UCC? 

Licence revenues paid to inventors are generally taxable. You should consult a tax advisor for specific advice.  

How are inventor revenues distributed if there are multiple inventors and/or multiple inventions in a license? 

The “inventors’ share” of royalties is divided among the inventors in accordance with what the inventors agree in writing in the Invention Disclosure Form unless the inventors agree to another distribution. This formula is based on their relative intellectual contribution to the initial conceiving of the idea followed by its reduction to practice.  

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