Reinvestment and Relationships

Every year, UCC Innovation works with our UCC inventors and business Partners to  

  • Assist with 60- 70 invention disclosures
  • Negotiate over 30 option and license agreements
  • Assist in forming 4-5 new business spin-outs

This activity generates annual revenues which are shared among UCC schools and colleges, departments and units, inventors and partnering institutions.  These revenues are reinvested in additional research and education, thus fostering the creation of the next generation of research, researchers and entrepreneurs. 

In addition, the resultant relationships created and deepened with these activities support our UCC mission. They result in additional research projects, broader educational opportunities and collaborative investments, and an enhanced ability to create, retain and share valuable resources that contribute to our quality of life. 

UCC Innovation

Aistriú Nualaíocht

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