Digital Badge in Innovation and IP

In 2023, UCC Innovation, in collaboration with the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (SEFS) launched a new digital badge in Innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) for Scientists and Engineers. 

The UCC Innovation digital badge in Innovation and IP is a short course designed to support UCC scientists and engineers in learning about how to recognise, protect and commercialise their research and innovations. 

It is the first digital badge in Ireland on this topic and is delivered by UCC Innovation in collaboration with the College of Science, Engineering and Food Sciences (SEFS). 

The course was developed by Dr Karen McCarthy, UCC Innovation Commercialisation Case Manager, in collaboration with Dr Gerald McGlacken, Vice Dean for Research and Innovation, SEFS, and Dr Susan Joyce, School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SEFS. 

The course focuses on key aspects of Innovation and IP Management, across 4 dedicated sessions: 

  • Introduction to IP and Good IP Management,  
  • Introduction to IP Protections such as patenting and copyright, 
  • Introduction to Licensing and Commercialisation  
  • Introduction to Spinouts and Entrepreneurship  

Each session features a guest speaker, to discuss their experience and relevant case studies. Previous speakers have included Dr Michael Lucey (Purdy Lucey), Dr Jenny Roper (Novozymes) and Dr Ray Alcorn (Exceedence). 

Awareness and experience with innovation and IP management is an essential skill for researchers, both in the academic and commercial environment. The goal of the UCC Innovation digital badge in Innovation and IP is to empower and educate researchers to be more informed about the opportunities around IP. 

The course runs on a biannual basis, with a Spring and Winter intake. For further information regarding expressions of interest, please contact


"The area of IP is not something widely spoken about and explained in detail and so this has been incredibly useful and interesting" 

" I am interested in learning more on how to protect my research and transfer it into commercialized novel solutions and to the market"  

"I have gained a significant amount of knowledge that I didn't have before that will be useful for me in navigating the next steps of my career" 

" I really enjoyed the course and feel I benefited from it enormously: I have already recommended it to several colleagues." 

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