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EU Citizens' Initiative Unconditional Basic Income- Creating Social Rights? - 15 June 2023, 4-6 pm, University College Cork, ALG (hybrid)

15 Jun 2023

The European Citizens' Initiative is to empower direct democracy. Yet the ECI on the Unconditional Basic Income failed. Why? 

Speakers: Dr Sergiu Gherghina (University of Glasgow), Dr Anastasia Karatzia (University of Essex) and Dr Ulrich Schachtschneider (UBIE Germany); Discussants: Dr Theresa Reidy, Prof Dagmar Schiek (both UCC) HYBRID EVENT - click here for in person and here for online registration

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), created in 2009, should have empowered genuine transnational political participation in the EU. Yet, the troubled journy of an ECI aiming to create an unconditional basic income in the EU suggests otherwise. First, the EU Commission refused to register it. When it was launched, it failed to garner one million signatures. We refelect with legal and political science scholars and a board member of the UBI Initiative which first launched it.

Speakers: Dr Sergiu Gherghina, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, University of Glasgow, UK; Dr Anastasia Karatzia, Senior Lecturer Essex Law School, University of Essex, UK; Dr Ulrich Schachtschneider, energy consultant, UBIE board member, Germany

Chairs/Discussants: Dr. Theresa Reidy and Prof Dagmar Schiek (both JMCE EUICR @UCC).

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EU Integration and Citizens' Rights

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

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