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Citizens' (free) Movement in the EU's Neighbourhood - 5 July 2023 3-5 pm, DUBLIN

5 Jul 2023

This academic seminar is dedicated to exploring  EU law & politics in the EU new Western and Eastern neighbourhood, focusing on Northern Ireland for the UK and Ukraine. Speakers include Dr Anthony Soares (CCBS & QUB, Northern Ireland) and Dr Oksana Holovka-Havrvsheva (University of Lviv, Ukraine). For this hybrid event you can register in person (here) or online only (here

Co-hosted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, this academic seminar addresses the highly politicisised question how people can move between Northern Ireland and the EU (including Ireland) and Ukraine and the EU. 

Our two keynote speakers will focus on the question in how far the Protocol Ireland/Northern Ireland and the wider relationship between the EU and the UK protect or corrupt movement of people on the island of Ireland (Dr. Anthony Soares, Centre for Cross Border Studies) and whether the protection or lack thereof of people movement in the EU/Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement still constitutes an adequate legal frame for people movement between Ukraine and EU (Dr Oksana Holovko-Harysheva, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine)

We also a paper by Dr Tatsiana Shaban, University of Victoria, Canada on "Defining the Status of Ukrainian Refugees in the EU" 

 The seminar will be chaired by Dr Mary C Murphy (UCC) and Professor Dagmar Schiek (UCC), who also serve as discussants. It is the first in a series of two, with a further event (also at the IHREC in Dublin) planned for February 2024 on the field of anti-discrimination law.

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EU Integration and Citizens' Rights

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Áras na Laoi, School of Law, University College Cork, T12 T656