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The student-staff pairing for Business Information Systems worked on assessment for undergraduates, focusing, in this example, on a module concerning co-operative banking.

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Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this module included the following:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Define the variety of different types of co-operative savings and credit institutions
  • Evaluate the importance of co-operative finance for sustainable local development and for meeting the financial needs of consumers, particularly low-income consumers
  • Illustrate the practice of co-operative banking through field observation.

Current Assessment Design

The current assessment design for this module is graded formative assessment, in the form of a 2000 word written assignment and a blog entry of between 700 and 1000 words.

Assignment Task

The assignment task used for this case study was as follows:

You are asked to critique the business model of your choice of a credit union in Ireland or in another country. (In other words, pick one named credit union you want to study.)

Include the following in your discussion:

  • Description of the business model employed by this credit union (500 words)
  • Analysis of what this credit union does well. You must give examples to evidence your claims (500 words)
  • Analysis of what this credit union needs to change. You must give examples to evidence your claims (500 words).

Associated Risk of GenAI

Assessment for this module comprises of take-home written assignments, one of the more high-risk assessment styles. Students may attempt to use the GenAI to generate complete or partially plagiarised responses to the essay question.


The above question required the student to apply their learning to real world examples, lessening the likelihood that GenAI could be used.

The lecturer also included new elements in the assessment design to further mitigate against the unethical use of GenAI.

Share what you have learned with a classmate verbally. Discuss what your chosen credit union could learn from the business model of your classmate's chosen credit union.

Present your findings by way of a video presentation (3-5 minutes max) (give a link to the file location) or in written form (500 words).

The requirement of a documented discussion between students and the verbal presentation strengthens the assignment against risk of academic misconduct through the use of GenAI.


ChatGPT produced a well-structured answer, but not a convincing argument with concrete evidence. Students would thus benefit from using the structure produced by ChatGPT as an exemplar while still needing to do the work of building academic arguments and sourcing evidence to back up their claims.


The answer produced by ChatGPT was acceptable but demonstrates the importance of building in the need for specific, real-world examples and rewarding more marks for that part of the assignment.

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