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Purchase Orders: Suppliers please note that the Purchase Order is subject to our terms and conditions available at the below link:

UCC Standard Terms and Conditions (40kB) 


All tenders and invitations for Expressions of Interest at UCC are conducted using the Irish Governments E-tenders portal in accordance with legal requirements and guidelines. There are a number of procedures available on the e-tenders website depending on the supply of service, open and restricted. UCC do not issue tender documentation directly to suppliers. 

On the e-tenders website select the contract you are interested in and "Record your Interest" when prompted.  All contract details, including tender documentation, will then be available for downloading from the e-tenders site.    Suppliers must be registered with the e-tenders site before any documentation can be issued to them.  Registration is free of charge.

E-tenders can also be contacted on (01) 617 7944 or

Procurement & Contracts Map (1,882kB) (1,882kB)

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