Niteline is a telephone listening service for students in UCC.  Niteline is a free phone, non- judgemental, non directive and confidential telephone listening service.  It is run by trained UCC students for UCC students who need somebody to talk to.

The telephone service operates every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9pm-1am throughout the academic year.  Free Phone 1800 32 32 42


The Niteline Service strongly adheres to the principles of anonymity, confidentiality, non- judgemental, non-directive and non advisory.  Niteline is there to listen to any problems that you may have whether it's related to your course, your personal life or if you just want someone to talk to.



Whatever is on your mind we are here to listen!!




If you require any further information you can contact Niteline by email or you can contact PASS Coordinator by email or by telephone on 021 420 5188 

You can also find the Niteline service on Facebook. Just search for "UCC Niteline".


Niteline is a confidential, non-judgemental, non-directive, anonymous listening service for students run by students.

The service operates each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night from 9pm-1am during the college year.


Criteria for Selection for Telephone Volunteers

Volunteers are chosen for their ability to listen and accept rather than for any other professional qualifications that they may have.

What is required of you?

  • Be a UCC student during the academic year for which you are volunteering (or the year after)
  • Take part in group interviews with  the PASS Coordinator and Niteline Committee
  • Take part in training provided by the Samaritans (6 Monday Evenings generally) 
  • Attend monthly meetings with other volunteers
  • Fulfil two nights on duty each month 

In order to ensure absolute confidentiality PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE that you are applying to become a Niteline volunteer.

20 minute group interviews will be scheduled.  You will be advised of the time after the closing date for applications.

Training will take place over 6 Monday evenings from 7-9pm generally.  Volunteers must attend all training sessions.

Return completed forms to  New applications will be sought in Term 2 for 2013-2014 academic year.


Criteria for Selection for Promotion Volunteers

What is required of you?

  • Be a UCC student 
  • Take part in a selection process with  the PASS Coordinator and Niteline Committee
  • Take part in an information evening regarding promotion of the service
  • Attend monthly meetings with other promotion volunteers
  • Help organise Niteline promotion on campus throughout the academic year
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