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365 nights of invisible work is about you!

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Are you a migrant? woman? working at night? in manual jobs?

If you answer YES to these questions, then please get in touch. Sends us a photo or an avatar of you and tells us what jobs you do. Alternatively, take a photo of an object that you use at work on a night-by-night basis


  • 365 of invisible work is a project that aims to raise awareness of the types of jobs women do at night, in 365 images.
  • It draws upon the work by WORKER 3 - Domestic Photographer Network, initiated by the Werker Collective (artists Marc Roig Blesa and Rogier Delfos)
  • In a similar fashion, PRECNIGHTS' objective is to visibilise the nature of work that women do at night. Women migrant nightworkers need not stay hidden in the masculine world of night work. This is a space to come forward to inspire those who do not see or hear about the hidden world of nightwork.

PRECNIGHTS calls for recognition of women migrant nightworkers, and the strategic role they have in keeping the nightime economies moving round-the-clock in Ireland, Europe and beyond.

Thank you for taking the time to read. And if you would like to help with raising awarenes and increasing visibility of nightwork please get in touch. If you wish to ASK A QUESTION, please email: 

In solidarity with women migrant nightworkers - thank you for your determination, for doing what you do, which inspires us a great deal!

Julius-Cezar Macarie | PRECNIGHTS Researcher | ISS21, University College Cork


Spotlight: 'No Longer Invisible'

Dr Julius-Cezar MacQuarie speaks to trade unionists, NGOs, and employers about the disastrous health effects of nightshift on cleaners and other nightworkers. A UNI Europa event with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Belgium

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Spotlight: How we can fight structural invisibility and precarity

LeftEast interview with Julius-Cezar MacQuarie on the Nightworker Charter

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Spotlight: RTÉ Brainstorm analysis piece

Meet the invisible work force: women migrant nightworkers in Ireland

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PRECNIGHTS is a WeMov Stakeholder

Women on the Move's stakeholders include a variety of partners who support their mission.

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Why night workers do not have the same decent working rights as daytime, 9-5ers?

The world of work is in urgent need of repair. There is a pressing demand for a new set of arrangements that address the specific problems with nightwork, e.g., invisibility, isolation, and tremendous negative impacts on health. You should also take interest and help in the setup of this open, democratic process to improve the lives of nightworkers. Sign the Charter and share it with others to do the same.

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PRECNIGHTS is a project funded under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) | Grant №: 101063938 | Host: Institute

for Social Science in the 21st Century

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