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Andrey Shkoporov


Prof. Andrey Shkoporov is a molecular microbiologist based in APC Microbiome Ireland and School of Microbiology, UCC. His research focuses mostly on bacterial viruses (bacteriophages or phages) and their various roles in the human gut microbiome. In particular, he is interested in phage diversity and ecology in the gut ecosystem, phage-host interaction, phage lifecycles, and the role of phages in horizontal gene transfer between bacteria. Andrey Shkoporov's research is funded by prestigious grants from Wellcome Trust and European Research Council (ERC).

After obtaining a PhD in microbiology from the Russian State Medical University (RSMU, Moscow), Andrey Shkoporov joined Prof. Colin Hill's group at APC as a research fellow in 2015. Together they worked on an SFI/industry co-funded 7 year long Gut Phageomics project, which made some important contributions to our understanding of the human gut virome and microbiome. After starting his own group in 2021, Andrey Shkoporov continues to work closely with other APC PIs and has a growing network of collaboration with other leading groups in the EU, UK and US interested in phage biology, ecology and taxonomy.

Research Interests

Research theme: Microbes to Molecules - Gut Phageomics Lab

SDGs: 2 and 3

Research key words: gut virome, bacteriophages, horizontal gene transfer, phage-host interactions, virus taxonomy



APC Microbiome Ireland, Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,