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Development of a tiered duckweed cultivation system

9 Jan 2024

A new paper has been published on the development of a stacked duckweed cultivation system:

Coughlan, N. E., et al. (2023). On the rise: Development of a multi-tiered, indoor duckweed cultivation system. Water Environment Research, 95(12), e10964.


The paper describes the development and operation of a multi-tiered duckweed bioreactor.


Duckweed species (Lemnaceae) are suitable for remediation and valorization of agri-feed industry wastewaters and therefore can contribute to a more sustainable, circular economy where waste is a resource. Industrial applications will, however, require space efficient cultivation methods that are not affected by prevailing weather conditions.

It is envisaged that multi-tiered, indoor bioreactors can be employed in the agri-feed industry where wastewaters are, in many cases, continuously generated throughout the year and need remediating immediately to avoid costly storage.

The full paper (open access) can be found in the journal Water Environment Research at:

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