Sustainable Protein from Duckweed

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Duck-Feed - Sustainable Protein from Duckweed

The Duck-Feed project is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research project, aiming to facilitate the use of duckweed as an alternative, sustainable source of protein for Ireland and thereby contributing to the circular economy. The project is funded by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). The project is led by UCC, and is a collaboration with researchers in UCD, Teagasc and Devenish Nutrition.

The project follows on from earlier projects on the use of duckweed in circular bioeconomy systems like BRAINWAVES (funded by the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme) and NEWTRIENTS (funded by EPA). The EPA Research Report resulting from the Newtrients project can be found at the EPA website:

Research 411: Innovative Valorisation of Dairy Processing Wastewater Using a Circular Economy Approach (Newtrients)

Stakeholder: The Green Farmer (TGF)


The Green Farmer Co-operative Society Limited (TGF) is an innovative and exciting collaborative enterprise, and they are a stakeholder in the Duck-Feed project. They collaborate with our scientists to trial the reality of duckweed production on a dairy farm in the Clonmel area of Tipperary. Feedback from farmers growing and using duckweed on the farm at a commercial scale is invaluable to create a process that is not only viable, but also works in practice.

TGF is a collaborative community led by farmers and bioeconomy professionals developing practical and compliant solutions in the circular bioeconomy. Their mission is to pioneer farmer-led sustainable agriculture and to develop novel and compliant solutions to ensure a healthier and more planet-friendly way of farming for generations to come.

The Green Farmer Co-operative can be contacted via their website at

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