Digital Signage

UCC Digital Signage System

UCC staff can help tell their story to the UCC community through the use of Digital Signage. To date there are approximately 10 screens around campus that can be utilised. 

Screen Locations controlled by the DEWG:

  • O’Rahilly Building
  • Kane Building
  • Food Science Building
  • Brookfield Health Science Complex
  • North Mall Campus
  • Western Gateway Building
  • Quadrangle Building
  • Lee Building

Screens not controlled by the DEWG

To get your message on DEWG managed screens the process outlined below must be followed. If you are looking to have the same message on screens not controlled by the DEWG please email the relevant contact listed above.

The Process

Content Guidelines - Technical Specifications

Images and graphics that are submitted for display on UCC's digital signage must follow the specifications below:

Technical Specifications:

  • Template aspect must be 16:9 (landscape)
    • A Wide Screen PowerPoint slide saved as an image would suit.
  • Max 4000px in either width or height
  • File size no greater than 2Mb
  • File must be one of the following: .jpg, .png
  • File name must relate to the subject content
  • File name must not contain spaces (use an underscore where there would normally be a space)

Design Guidelines

Your message:

The message, news, event or story you wish to tell should not take more than one slide to convey. Multiple slides conveying the same message is not allowed. In other words, power point slides shows will not be shown.


Your message must be brief and legible. Don’t use too many varying fonts and don’t have too much text. Avoid overuse of capital letters and italics. Do not use hyperlinked text. Bullet points work well.


Use an image or photo that will catch the viewers’ attention and help the viewer remember the message. Use quality images only, do not use pixilated, stretched images or logos. Use imagery that is either copyright free or to which you or UCC hold the copyright.


16:9 aspect, mp4 format is accepted. Video duration no longer than approximately 3 minutes. There is no audio enabled on the monitors.


Your message will be displayed for 10 seconds at a time so keep it simple. A single word or a few words with an impacting image will work best.


Use contrasting colours for easy legibility. Do not use red text or use a red background – this colour is reserved for emergency situations only.

Web links: Unless the web link name is short and memorable replace it with a search term. E.g. For more information search ‘UCC IT training’ rather than

Download the AVMS Design Guide

Everything you need to know to create an effective sign download the Design Guide NOW!

Digital Estate Working Group

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