Using Social Media

UCC Social Media Overview

Social media can be an invaluable complement to your webpages. It provides you with a cost-effective and easy way to effectively communicate important information to your audience(s).

Linking in with UCC’s social networks to spread news of your course/service/event can widen the reach of your message. UCC Facebook and Twitter for instance collectively have close to 55,000 fans, and there is also a large number affiliated UCC accounts (see full list below).

The Office of Marketing and Brand and the Office of Media and Communications maintain the official social media accounts on behalf of UCC.

UCC on Facebook UCC on Twitter UCC on YouTube
UCC on LinkedIn UCC on Storify UCC on Tripadvisor

Social Media Policies and Procedures

Using social media for your UCC organisational unit is governed by the university's Web and Social Media policy. Before setting up any social media accounts, please familiarise yourself with:

You must then contact with the Digital Estate for Communications Group to request approval for the set up of a social media account.   

Telling Your Story Through Social Media

Some general tips:

  • Firstly, review the Digital Estate Working Group Policies around social media above (note in particular the Social Media Policy; Social Media Procedure (for setting up) Other Accounts)

  • By tagging @UCC on Twitter or @University College Cork on Facebook, you will notify the official UCC social media platforms who can then retweet or reshare your information. The UCC/national Students’ Union is also worth tagging (@UCCSU and @TheUSI on Twitter; @Collegeroadie and on Facebook).

  • An internal social media mailing list is also available. Over a hundred of social media administrators of different accounts across the university are on this list, sharing content as it comes in where appropriate. Joining this list is another way to reach a wider audience, as you can ask colleagues to share your news across their social media presences, and reciprocate where appropriate. To sign up (and to be listed in the full list below), please email

  • Also consider which high profile/high follower accounts in the wider community you should be targeting who could re-tweet your message to your target audience – e.g. if looking for young professionals/mature students for a business/tech course, consider @Irish_Biz @irishbizparty @siliconrepublic @idaireland @thejournal_ie etc.

  • Create a unique #hashtag for your course/service/event that will over time build up its own following e.g. see #UCCFarmleigh or #UCCChasingIce Use it! If in doubt as to a #hashtag, feel free to email

  • Encourage engagement/ community/fun spirit using various hashtags – e.g. #youcc #sUCCess #jobfairy #UCC #irishbiz #Tweesis  

  • Avoid generic or ‘corporate speak’ across your social media presence – all content should be compelling, colourful and accessible to your target audience. Examine competitor accounts and the more popular social media accounts generally to get a sense of this approach.

  • One size does not fit all - ensure that your content is tailored across your social media platforms e.g. if you run a Twitter and Facebook account, your followers on either platform are likely to differ somewhat (age, gender etc), and so then should your content accordingly. Tools like Hootsuite can be a great help in scheduling posts to social media out of hours or to cover leave, but are often overused to share the same content across multiple networks (this often fails on Twitter in particular, where a message that makes sense on Facebook can be cut off due to the 140 character limit per Tweet.)

  • If students are your target audience, think of optimum times throughout the year when students will be considering their options – the weeks and months in the run-up to CAO, Change of Mind etc – these are times when you should be more active, but you should have a daily presence on social media (several times a day ideally) to be more effective.


Other UCC Social Media

Many individual UCC departments and groups have a presence on various social media platforms. To connect with a group or department that you are interested in, please check out the following links:

UCC Social Media Accounts
UCC Department or Group Facebook Twitter Other
A Summer's Evening on the Quad Summer's Evening on Facebook  Summer's Evening on Twitter  
Accommodation Office Accommodation Office on Facebook Accommodation Office on Twitter  
Admissions Office Admissions on Facebook Admissions on Twitter  
Adult Continuing Education (ACE) ACE on Facebook Ace on Twitter  
Alumni Office  Alumni on Facebook Alumni on Twitter

 Alumni on LinkedIn

Applied Social Studies Applied Social Studies on Facebook Applied Social Studies on Twitter Applied Social Studies on Flicker; Applied Social Studies on YouTube
Applied Psychology (School) Applied Psychology on Facebook   Applied Psychology on LinkedIN

Áras na Mac Léinn (Student Centre)


Áras na Mac Léinn on Twitter  
BA World Languages, UCC (CK110) BA World Languages on Facebook    
Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (School of BEES) BEES on Facebook Bees on Twitter  
Buildings and Estates Buildings and Estates on Facebook Buildings and Estates on Twitter  
Careers Service Careers on Facebook Careers on Twitter Careers on LinkedIn
Centre for Global Development (CGD)   CGD on Twitter  
Centre for Law and the Environment   CLE on Twitter  
CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Matters CF Matters on Facebook    
Computer Science Computer Science on Facebook Computer Science on Twitter Computer Science on YouTube
Computer Training Centre   Training Centre on Twitter  
Chemistry Department Chemistry Dept on Facebook Chemistry Dept on Twitter  
College of Business and Law CBL on Facebook CBL on Twitter  
College of Medicine and Health     COMH on LinkedIn
Conferrings Conferrings on Facebook Conferrings on Twitter  
Cork University Business School UCC CUBS on Facebook CUBS UCC on Twitter

CUBS UCC on Instagram

CUBS UCC on LinkedIn

Cork University Press CUP on Facebook CUP on Twitter  
Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health Dept. of Epi and Public Health on Facebook    
Dept. of Italian Dept. of Italian on Facebook Dept. of Italian on Twitter  
Dept. of Occ Science & Occ Therapy (OSOT) OSOT on Facebook OSOT on Twitter  
Dept. of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (SPLAS)

SPLAS on Facebook

SPLAS on Twitter  
Dept. of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences on Facebook

Dental School and Hospital Dental School and Hospital on Facebook    
Disability Support Service (DSS) DSS on Facebook DSS on Twitter  
Education, School of   School of Education on Twitter  
Executive MBA Executive MBA on Facebook    
Financial Services Innovation Centre   FSIC on Twitter  
First Years First Year Information on Facebook    
Fees Office Fees Office on Facebook    
Food Industry Training Unit FITU on Facebook FITU on Twitter FITU on LinkedIn
Glucksman   Glucksman on Twitter  
Graduate School, College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences CACSSS Graduate School on Facebook    
Graduate School, College of Medicine and Health Postgraduate Student Committee CoMH on Facebook CoMH Graduate School on Twitter  
Graduate Studies Office  GSO on Facebook  GSO on Twitter  
Granary Theatre Granary Theatre on Facebook    
History of Art History of Art on Facebook    
Hive Mind (Psychology Today)    

Hive Mind blog on Psychology Today (via Dr Robert King, School of Applied Psychology, UCC)

HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research   HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research on Twitter  
Human Resources Staff Welfare and Development HR Staff Welfare on Facebook HR Staff Welfare & Development on Twitter  
IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Centre IGNITE on Facebook  IGNITE on Twitter  
IMPROvED on Facebook    
INFANT Research Centre INFANT on Facebook INFANT on Twitter INFANT on Instagram / INFANT on LinkedIN
Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha IGL on Facebook    
Ionad Bairre (Teaching and Learning)     Ionad Bairre on Youtube; 
ISS21 (Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st Century)   ISS21 on Twitter  
International Education Office (IEO)  IEO on Facebook  IEO on Twitter  
Italian Italian Dept on Facebook    
Law Faculty Law Faculty on Facebook Law faculty on Twitter  
Law Society Law Soc on Facebook    
Language Centre, UCC Language Centre on Facebook Language Centre on Twitter  
Languages, Literatures and Cultures (School) Languages, Literatures and Cultures on Facebook    
Library Library on Facebook    
Library Special Collections, Archives and Repository Services (The Riverside)   The Riverside on Twitter The Riverside blog
MA in Irish Studies MA in Irish Studies on Facebook MA in Irish Studies on Twitter


MAREI MAREI on Facebook MAREI on Twitter
Mathematical Sciences (School) Mathematical Sciences on Facebook    
Medicine Department   UCC Dept Medicine on Twitter  
Medical Education Unit   Medical Education Unit on Twitter  
Microbiology (School)   UCC Microbiology on Twitter Microbiology in LinkedIn
Midwifery  UCC Midwifery on Facebook UCC Midwifery on Twitter  
MSc in Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation MSc in Molecular Cell Biology on Facebook    
National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC)   NPEC on Twitter  
National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) NSRF on Facebook NSRF on Twitter NSRF on LinkedIn
Nature through Nurture     Nurture through Nature on Twitter
New Avenues to Teaching (NAT) Project (School of Education)   NAT on Twitter  
Nursing and Midwifery (School of) Nursing and Midwifery on Facebook Nursing and Midwifery on Twitter  
Oral Health Services Research Centre OHSRC on Facebook OHSRC on Twitter  
Oral Surgery   Oral Surgery on Twitter  
PAT Research Group   PAT on Twitter  
PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology PhD Scholars on Facebook    
Philosophy Department Philiosophy Department on Facebbok    
Practice Links (Applied Social Studies)   Practice Links on Twitter  
Process and Chemical Engineering   ProcEng on Twitter  
Research activities in CACSSS   Research Activities in CACSSS on Twitter  
Research Support Services UCC Research Facebook UCC Research Twitter  
Resources for Education (RED) RED on Facebook    
School of English UCC

School of English on Facebook

School of English on Twitter  
School of History UCC

School of History on Facebook

School of History on Twitter  
School of Nursing UCC

School of Nursing on Facebook

SIREN Study   SIREN study on Twitter  
Societies Guild

Societies' Guild on Facebook

Sociology (School)   Sociology on Twitter  
Sonic History of Cork City   SHOCC on Twitter  
Staff Sports and Social Club

Sports and Social on Facebook

Student Health Department Student Health Dept on Facebook Student Health Dept on Twitter Student Health Dept on YouTube
Students' Union Students' Union on Facebook Students' Union on Twitter  
Surgery (Department)   Surgery on Twitter Surgery on LinkedIn
Tyndall   Tyndall on Twitter Tyndall on YouTube / Tyndall on LinkedIn
UCC98.3FM UCC98.3FM on Facebook UCC98.3FM on Twitter  
UCC Campus Accommodation (CA)

UCC Victoria Lodge on Facebook; UCC University Hall on Facebook; UCC Castlewhite Apartments on Facebook

UCC Equality   UCC Equality on Twitter UCC Equality on Instagram
UCC Health Matters UCC Health Matters on Facebook UCC Health Matters on Twitter  
UCC uLink Peer Support (UCC Pass) uLink Peer Support on Facebook UCC Pass on Twitter  
UCC Plus+ UCC Plus+ on Facebook    
Visitors' Centre Visitors' Centre on Facebook  Visitors' Centre on Twitter  

Digital Estate for Communications Group

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