Publication - Call for Contributions

The CyberSocial Research Lab at University College Cork are pleased to invite contributions for a forthcoming volume provisionally titled: CyberSocial Transformations: Disruption and Continuity in the Everyday. This will be an innovative and multidisciplinary mosaic of writings which together presents a snapshot of our social and cultural worlds as we adapt to or negotiate the rapid integration, or not, of new technologies.

The volume is open to the following contributions:

  • Academic pieces from Anthropology and cognate disciplines that reflect upon, interrogate or otherwise deal with the social impact of technology (e.g. on public discourse, ethics, law and justice, social welfare, health, education, ecology). Geographic focus is open.
  • Speculative fiction – e.g. fictional ethnographic prose that captures experiential qualities of contemporary change and confronts, negotiates some of those challenges.
  • Non-fiction – factual accounts on particular topics/themes.
  • AI generated or co-produced pieces are also welcome but must be acknowledged as such and include a dated record of the prompts and platforms used (e.g incl. version number), these pieces will be accredited to both prompter and platform.

The volume will include ethnographic vignettes from CyberSocial project participants that will form a background atmosphere for individual chapters. We will circulate these vignettes before final drafts so they may be incorporated where sensible to weave the chapters together. The selection of final contributors will be made by the volume editors.

Expressions of interest with abstract (300 words approx.), bio and contact email, can be submitted to with due date March 31st 2024 for abstract and 31st August 2024 for final full draft. We will notify you of the outcome of our review of applications shortly after abstract deadline with second round of selections during the summer.

Abstracts and queries to Peter Walsh:

CyberSocial Research Lab Saotharlann Taighde Chibear-Shóisialta

Dept. of Sociology and Criminology, Askive Ground Floor, O' Donovan's Road, University College Cork, Cork City, Ireland,