From Guest Faculty

The Atlantic Anthropological Workshop was a peak experience for me.  I learned so much from staff and students in majestic Dingle.  What a setting to discuss new trends in ethnographic research and representation!

- Professor Paul Stoller, West Chester University, 2023


I was impressed by the depth of exchanges between the participants, and by the extent of collaborative thinking that led to many of us generating new insights both during the panel discussions and master classes, and during the more informal events organized around them.

- Dr. Ana Ivasiuc, President of European Association of Social Anthropologists 2023


The Atlantic Anthropological Workshop allows you access to not only first-rate masterclasses, lectures, and workshops, but also enriching conversations with brilliant and keen students and staff from around the world and a chance to connect with the local history and breath-taking scenery around the Dingle peninsula. The craic ain't half bad either!

- Dr. Jon Lanman, Head of School, Anthropology, Queens University Belfast, 2023


I had the privilege of attending and delivering a masterclass at the Atlantic Anthropological Workshop in 2023. The attention to detail was all pervasive and the carefully curated programme enabled dynamic and thought provoking discussions and learnings to take place

- Dr. Maria Loftus, Dublin City University, 2023


My time in Dingle reinforced for me the positive potential of focussed staff interactions with students from different universities. Seeking to deepen their understanding and replenish the intellectual curiosity that drew them to postgraduate work, the students seemed deeply enthusiastic to engage with the broader range of concepts and methods available to them in Kerry. The retreat-like ambience promoted a more egalitarian ethic between students and staff than is normally possible in campus settings as well. 

- Dr. Keith Egan, Independent Scholar, 2023


From Participating Students

What I enjoyed most about the weekend is that the seminar brought together many anthropological scholars from student to esteemed authors/lecturers – however without the hierarchical boundaries academic exchanges often entail. The organisers were able to create a space that encouraged everyone to share their thoughts and join the discussions within the eclectic mix of masterclasses. The combination of different formats, including field trips and presentations from local researchers, made the time in Dingle fly by and sparking in me an eagerness to return in the following year. The campus at Sacret Heart Uni, with its particular lovely outdoor spaces and the peninsulas scenery in the backdrop is the ideal setting to enjoy “business and pleasure”. Being involved in one of the Reading Groups gave me the opportunity to explore how I can spark a debate around my research focus and include an experimental and playful exercise successfully.

- Katharina Bock, PhD Anthropology Candidate, Queens University Belfast, 2023


I found the whole weekend hugely beneficial. From the outset the atmosphere was welcoming and inclusive, and we did not feel any bit out of place even though we were not studying Anthropology as such in college. The topics  were relevant to every subject area and form of research. They heightened my awareness of positionality, perspective  and factors involved in decision-making-and much more! One wonderful thing I noted was that while the speakers were clearly very highly qualified, they  spoke in simple, clear terms which made their talks accessible and very interesting. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity. 

- Sarah Moore, MA Anthropology, Dublin City University, 2023


So this trip was a huge help for me in discovering more of the variety around Anthropology in Ireland. Like Dingle, while Ireland is small and the Anthropology community here smaller again, there is so much diversity in what to see, so much of it beautiful to see, even when there is a serious air over it. It was truly beautiful connecting with the community, receiving amazing advice and exploring everything from Post Colonial African cinema to the Dingle Penninsula itself. I have so much more clarity for the future and appreciation for the Anthropology community around me now. Thank you

- Jonathan O’Carroll, MA Anthropology, University College Cork, 2023


Thank you so much James, and Molly and Fiona and all the organisers, for an absolutely AMAZING week out at Dingle. It was such an utterly fantastic experience, especially the sessions with Billy (particularly the music) and Daíthi and Isabel. I think everyone in the UCC MA was just elated from what they’ve said, and it was such a great opportunity to meet other anthropologists/students from all around. Truly, thank you all so much!

- Kiera Conrad, MA Anthropology, University College Cork, 2023

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