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Affiliated Researchers

Affiliated Researchers

Lucy-Mae McSweeney

Lucy-Mae McSweeney is a PhD candidate on the multidisciplinary project ‘Digitising Biodiversity: Landscape-Animal-Digital-Human Translations’ at Trinity College Dublin where she is researching the translation of non-human interactions via digital means to human understanding. By carrying out ethnographic fieldwork, Lucy’s research explores how STEM researchers centralised around the theme of biodiversity in the University process and interpret information from the more-than-human world. 

Lucy-Mae holds an MA in Anthropology from UCC where her thesis explored human-animal relations with a focus on the cultural practice of beekeeping in the south-east of Ireland.  

Conach Gibson-Feinblum - Research Assistant

Conach is a graduate of the Master of Arts Anthropology programme at University College Cork and works as a research assistant on the CyberSocial project. She has a passion for feminist epistemologies, cultural heritage and creative methodologies, particularly concerning narrative work. Her previous research experience includes an ethnographic project capturing Ukrainian narratives of forced and sudden migration through the lens of food.

CyberSocial Research Lab Saotharlann Taighde Chibear-Shóisialta

Dept. of Sociology and Criminology, Askive Ground Floor, O' Donovan's Road, University College Cork, Cork City, Ireland,