Our Team

Dr James Cuffe - Principal Investigator

James is an anthropologist working generally in the field of techno-anthropology drawing upon philosophical traditions drawn through ethnographic fieldwork. His previous work includes ethnographic research in Shanghai on the effects of mediative technologies in social change published as a monograph with Routledge - China at a Threshold (2021). He is co-director of the Atlantic Anthropological Spring School held annually in Dingle, Ireland.   

Emily Phelan - Researcher

Emily is a PhD Criminology Candidate researching the human factors of cybersecurity. Emily‚Äôs research aims to bridge the gap between the social sciences and the technology industry by carrying out ethnographic led research on the role humans play in complex technological systems.  Previously completing the MA in Criminology where her thesis focused on the privacy and security risks surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).


Ingrid Glen - Researcher

Ingrid is a PhD Anthropology Candidate researching the intangible importance of choice for humans in future cities.  She studied art history at the University of East Anglia and information science at City University, London, before working as a research and knowledge management professional within the financial services industry.  She developed her interests in spatial and material culture and the use of walking and artistic methods for research during her MA Anthropology.  Her MA dissertation used urban wayfinding as an autoethnographic strategy for understanding language learning in Morocco.



Molly McGrath - Research Assistant

Molly is a socio-cultural and linguistic anthropologist with an ethnographic interest in business organisations and Latin America. Previous research includes architecture and design in social control of migrant factory workers, and the study of capitalism and colonial legacies through material cultural formations in indigneous and urban La Paz, Bolivia. She currently works as a research assistant and content developer on the CyberSocial project.

Advisory Board

The project is supported by academics and policy experts as well as practicioners that can provide expertise across a range of domains. The board is available on an ad hoc / as needed basis to engage with different aspects of the project relevant to their areas of expertise. We are currently populating the board so stay tuned to see developments here.

Prof. Luigina Ciolfi - Human Computer interaction

Dr. James Kapalo - Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Dr. Jolynna Sinanan - Digital Anthropology

Ms Claire Davis - Digital Officer, Cork City Council

Ms Colette Cronin - ICT Compliance Lead, Cork City Council.

CyberSocial Research Lab Saotharlann Taighde Chibear-Shóisialta

Dept. of Sociology and Criminology, Askive Ground Floor, O' Donovan's Road, University College Cork, Cork City, Ireland,