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The Cork Smart Gateway, Cork City Council, Cork Business Association and The VQ collaborate to launch smart street data pilot project.

15 May 2024

The project which is an example of multi-stakeholder collaboration will offer detailed insight into the use of Cork City’s streets and help progress Cork City's smart ambitions.


The project saw five Telraam S2 sensors installed across four streets including Oliver Plunkett Street (x2), MacCurtain Street, Bridge Street, and North Main Street with more streets to be included shortly. The Telraam device counts, categorises, and reports all activity on the street in real time which includes cars, bikes, pedestrians, buses, trucks, and more. The device offers data resolutions of up to fifteen minutes allowing for highly detailed reports. The data generated will provide a detailed picture of street usage and mobility patterns which will help inform strategic planning.

The Cork Smart Gateway, an initiative which seeks to develop and promote Cork as a smart and innovative region is funded by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, and University College Cork and is supported by a wider steering group consisting of the Nimbus Technology Gateway, The Tyndall National Institute, Tech Industry Alliance, Cork Chamber and Energy Cork.

Cork City Council is Cork City's Local Authority which oversees the sustainable development of Cork City and provides a range of services to a population of over 210,000 people.

The Cork Business Association is a committed representative of the business community in Cork City, supporting members since 1957.  The CBA champions a vibrant, safe, clean, welcoming, sustainable and living Cork City.

The VQ (Victorian Quarter) represents the businesses and citizens of the McCurtain Street area which aims to be the liveliest, most sustainable and cultured, best-connected neighbourhood in Ireland.

Sean Lotty of the Cork Smart Gateway said:

“Cork City generates significant amounts of data which can be measured to provide detailed insights into how Cork City operates on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Understanding this data will allow for effective planning and data-driven decision making which will help ensure Cork City's place as a top European location to live, work and invest. This project is an example of how modern low-tech solutions can be used to progress Cork City's smart ambitions. I would like to thank Cork City Council, The VQ and the Cork Business Association for their collaboration.”

Ian O'Sullivan of Cork City Council and the Cork Smart Gateway stated:

"Cork City's goal is to be an internationally recognised city for innovation and our active involvement in Smart Cities projects is key to bringing us forward on our journey. One of our digital ambitions is the increased availability and usability of open data, and empowering our citizens and business stakeholders to leverage the power of data to help make informed decisions on our city’s development. Employing the latest technologies to interpret detailed traffic and footfall in our city centre will create new opportunities through data-led innovation."

Aaron Mansworth, President of Cork Business Association said:

“This pilot project exemplifies the power of multi-stakeholder partnerships in advancing our smart city ambitions. By harnessing the insights from the Telraam devices, we're not just counting movements; we're shaping the future of our streets, paving the way for a vibrant, connected, and sustainable Cork. We're charting a course towards a city that thrives for all."

Shane Clarke, the Director of Operations for the VQ stated:

“Investment is booming in the VQ and we are confident that the footfall sensors installed on MacCurtain Street and Bridge Street will evidence the increased pedestrian activity and street vibrancy. It’s been great working with Sean at the Cork Smart Gateway and in partnership with our friends at the CBA to see this project through to realisation.”


Cork Smart Gateway