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Accommodation near University College Cork

University College Cork is located 1km from the centre of Cork City. There are many options for visitors to stay in the city centre; nearer the university itself, the following accommodation is frequently used by visitors:

5-star hotel:

4-star hotels:

  • The River Lee Hotel:
    • A large modern hotel with attractive views over the river Lee, situated very close to the university and walking distance to city centre, and widely used by visiting academics and conferences.
  • The Kingsley:
    • A large modern hotel situated a little further from both the university and the city centre. The hotel hosts conferences and offers high class facilities.

Guesthouses and B&Bs:



There are many other good options not listed here, all of which can be consulted on 

Cork is a small, geographically compact city and so it is easy to get from place to place and to access the numerous hotels and restaurants. If you are in doubt about a particular location, please feel free to contact us to ask questions about it (

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