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Leave No Trace

We encourage all visitors to the great outdoors including fossil sites to follow the principles of the Leave No Trace campaign. We strongly discourage hammering and removal of fresh rock samples! Many fossil sites, including sites in Ireland, have been irrevocably impacted by irresponsible fossil collection, resulting in the destruction and loss of our natural heritage. Instead “Leave What You Find” – aim to minimise your mark on the natural environment and leave the fossils there for the next visitor to enjoy.

Fossil Map of Ireland

Ireland’s Fossil Heritage has developed a fossil map to show you where you can find fossils yourself! The map also shows areas where fossils of special scientific importance have been found in Ireland.

The map also features a number of fossil walking trails set in ten major towns and cities in Ireland and showcases the wonderful fossils that you can find in the buildings and paving stones around us.

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Ireland's Fossil Heritage

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