Online Services

Online Services

Online Services

There are a number of services available to students online. For details on how to access the services and who to contact if you are having a problem with a service click the appropriate item below.

Blackboard is an online learning environment available to all staff and students in UCC.

Accessing Blackboard

To access your blackboard account go to and click on the Blackbaord icon.

  • Username: Student number
  • Password: Student IT Account password

Alternatively, you can access Blackboard directly at

View the Blackboard Student Guide

Blackboard Student Guide 2013-2014 (533kB) 


Blackboard FAQ

You can study for the ECDL via your Blackboard account. The ECDL training and testing are administrated by the Computer Training Centre. Full details of the service can be found on the website


If you have questions regarding the ECDL please emial

All UCC students automatically have an email account created for them. Umail is the name of the UCC Student Email service, it is powered by Google. Your UCC Email account is yours for life.

Accessing your student Email Account

To access your Umail account go to and click on the Umail icon.

  • Username: Student Number
  • Password:Student IT Account Password

Alternatively, you can access Umail directly at


Umail FAQ

Accessing your Library Account

To access your Library account go to and click on the Library icon

  • Username: student number
  • Password: Library account password

The Boole Library maintains your Library account which is separate to your student IT account. Visit the Boole Library website for full information and details If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact the Library Information Desk at (021) 490-2794 or email

MyStudentAdmin houses your student record information. Your course registration and module selections are all stored here. Biographical details and contact information are also found here. Certain information such as your home address, term time address and emergency contact can be easily updated using MyStudentAdmin. Later on in the year your exam timetable and exam results will also be found here.

Accessing MyStudentAdmin

To access your MyStudentAdmin account go to and click on the MyStudentAdmin icon

  • Username: Student Number
  • Password: Student IT Account Password


MyStudentAdmin FAQ

Uprint is an enhancement to your UCC Student Print Service.  You can submit your print jobs from your own Internet connection, wherever that is, on campus WIfi, all campus networked computers, home, anywhere!  Upload your coucuments using uprint to your SIT print service account and print them off at any of the print release station on campus as you always did.

Accessing U-print

U-print demo

Click to view Uprint Demo (2,531kB)


Uprint FAQ

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