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CELT's own Resources and Donations


Music in Ireland, edited by Aloys Fleischmann, donated by Dr Ruth Fleischmann and the Fleischmann family.

HISTORY (in no particular order)

Travel to Ireland, Geography and Customs of the Country.

Ireland's Heritage of Healing and History of Medicine

North Munster Antiquarian Journal 1–30
(pdf): Index of Authors, North Munster Antiquarian Journal, 1–30 (1936-1988),
compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Imarcaigh sund ar gach saí
(pdf): an anonymous Early Modern Irish poem on the contemporaneous emperors of Byzantium
and the kings and ecclesiastics of Ireland, by Dr Peter Smith, Magee College Derry:

A Primer of Irish Metrics (pdf): by Kuno Meyer, London 1909,
scanned and digitised by Andrew M. Doherty in 2004.

A Bibliography of Bibliographies compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Published work of Gearóid Mac Niocaill compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Nationality and Kingship in Pre-Norman Ireland by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

General: Vikings in Ireland (pdf) by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Vikings in Scotland and Ireland (pdf) by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Viking Ireland: Afterthoughts (pdf) by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

The Apocrypha and their transmission: a select bibliography (pdf) by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Maps of Ireland and its counties

The writings of Johannes Scottus Eriugena, with a select bibliography by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.

Women and the Law in Early Ireland by Donnchadh Ó Corráin – also available in pdf. format.

Marriage in Early Ireland by Donnchadh Ó Corráin – also available in pdf. format.

The 1597 Ceasefire Documents (pdf) by Hiram Morgan.

Faith and Fatherland or Queen and Country?
An unpublished exchange between O'Neill and the State at the height of the Nine Years War

(pdf) by Hiram Morgan.

The Introduction of the Gregorian calendar in Ireland (pdf) by Hiram Morgan. [This large file may take some time to load.]

Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex and Ireland (pdf) by Hiram Morgan.

Introduction to the study of political ideas in Ireland (pdf) by Hiram Morgan.

Ó Faoláin's Great Ó Néill (pdf) by Hiram Morgan.

Online Index to the Lebor Gabála Érenn (Book of Invasions) based on R.A.S. Macalister's translations and notes
This index in PDF format was compiled over five years by Michael Murphy, New York.
It is accompanied by a full introduction. CELT is grateful to Michael Murphy for agreeing to make it available on our website,
and grateful to the ITS, especially Prof. em. Pádraig Ó Riain, who facilitated this.

Dromore, an Ulster Diocese by E.D. Atkinson, Archdeacon of Dromore (Dundalk 1925),
has been digitized in pdf format and offered to CELT by G. Damien Kerr.

TEI by Example is a resource in Belgium launched in July 2010 with 'freely available online tutorials
walking individuals through the different stages in marking up a document in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative),
these online tutorials will provide examples for users of all levels.' CELT has also contributed sample files.

The Book of Lismore (Book of Mac Carthaigh Riabhach) is now digitized.
Read more about the Book of Lismore,

The following CELT texts are based in whole or in part on the Book of Lismore: Prose: Le siège de Druim Damhghaire, translated into French by Marie Louise Sjoestedt; Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil, edited by Alexander Bugge; Críchad an Chaoilli (The ancient territory of Fermoy), edited by J.G. O'Keeffe, with English translation; Lebor na Cert (The Book of Rights), edited by Myles Dillon, with English translation; das Apgitir Crábaid des Colmán maccu Béognae (of which the Book of Lismore contains only a fragment); Molaisse und seine Schwester, edited by Julius Pokorny; Drei Erzählungen aus dem Buch von Lismore, edited by Julius Pokorny; Tromdámh Guaire, edited by Maud Joynt; Lives of the Saints from the Book of Lismore, Acallamh na Senórach I, and the Gaelic abridgment of the Book of Ser Marco Polo, edited by Whitley Stokes, with English translation.
Poetry: Is aire charaim Doire, Turus acam Día h-Aíne, Géisid cúan, Forud na Fíann fás in-nocht, and Is úar geimred; at-racht gáeth, all edited by Gerard Murphy; and Arann ná n-oigheadh n-iomdha, which is poem 40 in Measgra Dánta edited by T. F. O'Rahilly.
Electronic editions of the Book of Lismore tales Airne Fíngein and Echtra Loegairi meic Crimthainn are available from the Thesaurus Linguae Hibernicae Project at UCD.


March/April 2015

The Expulsion of the Dessi (Tairired na n-Dessi inso ara choibne fri Fotharto ...),
edited by Kuno Meyer, Y Cymmrodor 14 (1901), 104–134.

Bethada Náem nÉrenn (Lives of Irish Saints), ed. and trans. Charles Plummer (Oxford 1922). [This is an updated selection containing English translations
of all the Saints' Lives in the book].

Briefe aus Irland, by Magdalena von Dobeneck née Feuerbach, Nuremberg 1843, pp 29–91. (In German.)
CELT is grateful to Professor Emeritus Eoin Bourke for making available a hardcopy of this book.

Un principe di Toscana in Inghilterra e in Irlanda nel 1669: Visita a Roberto Boyle (in italiano) by Lorenzo Magalotti.

The Voyage of Sir Richard Edgecomb into Ireland, in the Year 1488,
ed. by Walter Harris, Hibernica, or, some antient Pieces relating to Ireland, 1747–1750.

Regula Mucuta Raithni [from Additional 30512],
ed. by Kuno Meyer, Archiv für Celtische Lexikographie, 3, pt. 4, Halle/Saale 1907, 312–320.

An Essay towards a new Theory of Vision by George Berkeley.

Three Irish Medical Glossaries ed. by Whitley Stokes.

Leacht carad i g-cath Bhriain edited by John O'Donovan, Miscellany of the Celtic Society.

Die gaelische Ballade vom Mantel edited by Chr. L. Stern, ZCP 1 (1897).

Aoibhinn, a leabhráin, do thriall edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Mairg adeir olc ris na mnáibh edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

May 2015

The Natural History of Ireland by Gerard Boate, written in 1652, and compiled from a reprint of the Dublin 1725 edition.

Do-bhéaram seal re saobhnós edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Neimhthinn an galar é an grádh edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Aghaidh gach droichsgéil a-mach edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Beag linn ar mbeannacht don mbás edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Tuirseach sin, a mhacaoimh mná edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

A bhean fuair an falachán edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

I mbrat an bhrollaigh ghil-se edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Féach orm, a inghean Eóghain edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

Ná bí dom buaidhreadh, a bhean edited by T.F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha (1926).

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