CRAC is a leading national centre for atmospheric chemistry research carrying out laboratory, field and modelling studies to support clean air quality.

The research activity of CRAC is wide-ranging and encompasses laboratory, field and modelling studies. Three main areas of investigation are undertaken as follows:

  • Laboratory simulations of homogeneous and heterogeneous chemistry relevant to the atmosphere.
  • Linking urban field measurements of particulate matter (PM) and bioaerosols to their chemical analysis and effects on health and climate change.
  • Development of new instrumental approaches for atmospheric analysis.

Many sources of funding have been secured by CRAC since its inception including SFI, EPA, IRCSET, EU Marie Curie Programme, Cork City Council and local industry. The research performed is described in more detail on other web-pages on this site. We also have a commitment to undergraduate and outreach activities.

Centre Directors

Prof John Sodeau , Prof John Wenger, Prof Andy Ruth and Dr Dean Venables

For further information on the centre please refer to