Powerful Partnerships for Impact

One of the greatest challenges facing society is to link the production of knowledge with actions that can meet both human needs and preserve the planet's life-support systems. The sustainability challenges we face demand unprecedented levels of collaboration and interaction across diverse institutions that are critical to knowledge exchange, cooperative research, and new forms of engagement. The ERI is an externally oriented research organisation that works in partnership with external stakeholders to produce basic and applied research that can make a contribution to solving practical problems and assist societies in transitioning to sustainability.

How we work with partners

We believe our stakeholder partners have valuable insights on problems and strategies for solving them.

We aim to build long term collaborative partnerships with businesses, policy-makers, NGOs and communities.

We place a premium on combining academic knowledge with real-world know-how and on co-creating knowledge and solutions for sustainability in a two-way exchange which can be rapidly and effectively implemented by stakeholders and users.

We create “gathering places” for academics, researchers and students to explore interdisciplinary opportunities, connect with outside stakeholders, and strengthen collaborative capacity.

Whether you are a policy maker, researcher, working in industry or a member of the public or press, we very much look forward to hearing from you.



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