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 The CSSRC hosts  over 11,900 student visits annually to the centre to  engage  in Simulation Based Education (SBE). The centre provides  learners with the opportunity to learn and refine new knowledge which  is  practiced in a safe, realistic environment with the support of the CSSRC team. One of the challenges we meet is to  bridge the gap  between theory and practice,  the CSSRC  attempts  to provide  part of the  answer  by giving    a safe protected  space  for students to  combine  theory with practical skills. The use of SBE in the centre has been shown to improve student confidence, competence, and patient safety outcomes while  providing a safe learning environment for nursing students to practice clinical skills and decision-making without the risk of harming real patients. 

The Undergraduate Programmes would  include

We also provide support  to  Postgraduate Courses  which  would include.

  • CPDs
  • Postgraduate Diplomas
  • Masters [taught and research] 
  • PhD students 


We have a number of spaces   available on the 2nd floor of the school to provide training and support to learners such as  ward rooms, open skills rooms, paediatric rooms and midwifery room. Our simulation suite is one of the best equiped spaces in the country, see the virtual tour  in the about us section.


For scenario-based training we use high fidelity mannequins,  when  combined  with  the appropriate  briefing  and training our Nursing and Midwiffery  students are  able to fully immerse themselves in the simulated scenario. The mannequins used  are   able to display a wide range of physiological and neurological symptoms as well as pharmacological responses. We also use  trained actors who add a voice to the mannequins  which  adds an additional  layer of realism  to the  scenario. We have 3  high-fidelity patient simulators in our simulation suite that allows for realistic clinical scenarios to be simulated in a safe and controlled environment. We can simulate emergency situations, allowing Nursing and Midwifery students to practice a wide range of clinical skills, including patient assessment, communication, and teamwork with  guidance  from the staff  in the CSSRC and the   academic staff of the school. 

Clinical Skills & Simulation Resource Centre

2nd Floor floor, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork , T12AK54