Net zero decarbonisation trajectories for Ireland – implications for electricity

This project builds on the existing ESB Low Carbon Pathways scenario to reflect a higher decarbonisation ambition, namely a 100% Greenhouse Gas reduction across the Irish economy, encompassing both energy and agriculture, in line with the EU Long-Term Energy Strategy and Paris Climate agreement. This will be undertaken using UCC’s integrated energy modelling tools, which allows future visions of Ireland’s energy system to be explored in terms of ambition, costs, technologies and fuels. This research will highlight policy and technical opportunities and challenges for Ireland in the context of wider decarbonisation in Europe. Throughout the research, engagement with European Research and Policy Activities will be maintained to keep up with advances in science and policy, along with engagement with Irish and European Industry partners including Eurelectric and ENTSO-E.

Net Zero Carbon Trajectories for Ireland Project Factsheet

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July 2019


June 2022

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ESB and SFI MaREI Centre €314,208


Prof Brian Ó Gallachóir and Dr Paul Deane


Climate Action



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