Electrofuels in a Circular Economy (EFACE)

The EFACE project aims to tackle three specific challenges: 1. Increasing energy efficiency from existing intermittent renewable electricity devices; 2. Creating a more sustainable agricultural sector through the production of bioenergy; and 3. Delivering energy diversification and decarbonisation through the use of advanced transport fuels. The solution presented is the assessment of a Power to Gas (PtG) facility, to introduce electrofuels to Ireland for the first time in the form of hydrogen, providing use for electricity from wind turbines at times when demand for electricity is low. This PtG system will be assessed in conjunction with an anaerobic digester in a circular economy approach. EFACE is expected to generate a range of societal impacts including the promotion of renewable technologies (in Agriculture and Industry), the production of sustainable, renewable fuels (in Transport), the circular economy (in Energy) and climate mitigation (Climate).

Downloadable PDF of EFACE Project Factsheet

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Funded By

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) (€ 20k for Phase 1 and € 200k for Phase 2)


Dr David Wall, Prof Jerry Murphy


Circular Economy, Climate Action


Energy, Environment

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