Detection of Environmental Sources of Infectious diseases in Groundwater Networks (DESIGN)

The overall goal of DESIGN is to identify and evaluate current & developing methods for the identification of pathogen sources; aiding in the understanding of contamination pathways of waterborne infectious diseases in the Irish subsurface environment. Additionally, DESIGN aims to assess the contamination status of private wells in the Republic of Ireland with both Verotoxigenic producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) and Cryptosporidium, facilitating in the development of bespoke groundwater protection policy in a changing climate.


Chique, C., Hynds, P., Andrade, L., Burke, L., Morris, D., Ryan, M.P., O’Dwyer, J. (2020) Cryptosporidium spp. in groundwater supplies intended for human consumption - A descriptive review of global prevalence, risk factors and knowledge gaps. Water Research, In Press

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Mar 2018


July 2020

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Environmental Protection Agency


Dr Jean O’Dwyer (PI)


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