Building Coastal and Marine Resilience – Ireland’s Climate Action (BCOMAR)

It is in marine and coastal areas where some early impacts of climate change will be – and are being – felt. This is particularly concerning in Ireland that has a coastline over 7000km long with about one third of the population living within 5km of it. This project examines the process of building resilience to climate change in the coastal and marine environment of Ireland. The main focus of attention is on how this process is governed in order to enable climate change adaptation.

The project will use two comparative studies in Ireland, the Maharees peninsula and Youghal, to develop a participatory methodology for supporting bottom-up engagement in climate change adaptation. Interviews, workshops and cognitive fuzzy mapping are some of the social science techniques that will be used to build roadmaps for local authorities and communities to use to build greater resilience to climate change and match local needs and vulnerabilities.

BCOMAR Project Factsheet

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Environmental Protection Agency and the Marine Institute


Martin Le Tissier, Glen Smith, Eugene Farrell (NUIG)


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