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UCC Futures Sustainability - The ERI welcomes new Lecturer in Sustainable Materials

Dr Gillian Collins (ERI, School of Chemistry)

We are delighted to welcome Dr Gillian Collins, Lecturer in Sustainable Materials who has joined UCC as part of the UCC Futures - Sustainability programme.

Dr Collins’ research interests are primarily in the synthesis and application of materials of catalytic nanomaterials for energy efficient chemical transformations. Through the SFI AMBER Centre under the Materials for Sustainability research pillar, she is developing new technologies for chemical recycling an upcycling of plastic waste and the conversion of waste polymers to commodity chemicals. This work also involves exploring new avenues for waste through physical, chemical and biological modification so that material properties can be altered and repurposed for new applications.

“Chemistry is an essential component to enable the circular economy but innovative chemistry designed for sustainability solutions is only effective when translated into economically viable applications. I am very interested to work researchers developing interdisciplinary approaches such as exploring engineering solutions, new economic models, minimising environmental impacts of waste materials and transitioning to a low carbon future.”

Dr Collins’ publications can be found here:              

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