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UCC Futures – Sustainability: Conservation biologist Dr Ramiro Crego joins the ERI

Ramiro Crego (ERI, School of BEES, University College Cork). Dr Crego is a lecturer in Zoology and Animal Ecology who has joined UCC as part of the UCC Futures - Sustainability programme.

Research interests:

Dr Crego’s research interests are primarily in the fields of applied animal ecology and conservation biology. He addresses critical research questions by integrating a combination of field data collection (e.g., trapping, camera traps, field surveys, telemetry data), geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (e.g., Landsat, MODIS, Sentinel products), and advanced modelling techniques (e.g., Bayesian hierarchical models, machine learning). Key deliverables from his research include peer-reviewed publications, reports, and online web applications, with a goal of helping managers make science-based decisions to promote sustainability and conservation of ecosystems.

I am not just interested in ecological questions that have conservation implications, but in interdisciplinary approaches that can bridge cultural diversity and biological diversity. Conservation approaches are in need of new ethical frameworks that can guide narratives and cultural reformulations required to address the ecological and climatic crises. As such, I am interested in interdisciplinary collaborations with social scientists and environmental philosophers.”

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