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UCC Eco-Humanities Research Group: Critical political theorist Dr Laurence Davis joins the ERI Academic community

We are delighted to welcome our newest ERI Academic, Dr Laurence Davis (ERI, Department of Government and Politics, University College Cork). Dr Laurence Davis is a critical political theorist and lecturer in Government and Politics in the Department of Government and Politics. He is also Co-Convenor of the UCC Eco-Humanities Research Group.

Research interests:

Dr Davis studies the role of radical political theory and ideologies, social movements, and grounded utopian imagination in facilitating systemic social transformation and deep ecological regeneration. He is especially interested in how research in the humanities can help individuals and communities, including communities of researchers in the natural and social sciences, to navigate the growing conceptual, emotional, political, ethical, and other demands of contemporary ecological crises.

I am very interested in collaborating with scientists affiliated with the Environmental Research Institute who wish to conduct interdisciplinary research challenging unreflective beliefs about technological progress. My research is largely concerned with the role that imaginative literature, art, and other creative modes of expression can play in engaging, inspiring, and mobilising more people to understand and act on the global environmental crisis. As part of this work I am interested in collaborating with scientists who wish to develop and foster what might be termed a ‘critical’ politics of science and technology.”

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