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Topics in Climate Ethics: Loss and Damage, Carbon Pricing, and Civilizational Collapse

The ERI Lunchtime Seminar Series came to a close in December with guest speaker Dr Kian Mintz-Woo of the Department of Philosophy & Environmental Research Institute, UCC; Equity and Justice Group, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis.

This talk introduced three streams of Dr Kian Mintz-Woo's research in climate ethics. One stream proposes fine-grained attributions of moral responsibility distinguished between mitigation, adaptation and Loss & Damage policies. Another leads from the morally relevant assumptions in calculating the social cost of carbon to the ethics of determining carbon pricing policy, with a focus on post-COVID carbon pricing policy. The newest stream investigates precautionary ethical justifications for mitigation in order to reduce the likelihood of large (4 degrees+) temperature rises which potentially threaten social and civilizational instability.

You can watch the full recording back right here: