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The Green Scene on Newstalk feat. Prof Brian O’Gallachoir

You can now hear Prof Brian O’Gallachoir (MaREI Director, ERI Vice-Director) of the Energy Policy and Modelling Group every Wednesday on the Pat Kenny show’s Green Scene series on Newstalk at 10.40/10.45am.  This series will comprise a weekly update on energy and environmental matters, and cover areas such as air quality, emissions, renewable energy as well as topical environmental talking points from the news each week.

On the 7th Oct, Prof O’Gallachoir spoke about the long-awaited Climate Legislation due to be published detailing what we will need to do to achieve the level of emissions reduction now needed.  Brian also talked about the recent report from the Climate Change Advisory Council, and a new report from The Irish Wildlife Trust on the deterioration of Ireland's marine habitats. 

You can listen back to this episode here