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The Coastal Atlas of Ireland

The ERI are immensely proud to sponsor and support the newly launched Coastal Atlas of Ireland, a comprehensive and authoritative tribute to the Irish coastline, produced by an Editorial Team based in the Environmental Research Institute’s Lee Road Building led by ERI academics Professor Robert Devoy and Dr Val Cummins.

This book will provide readers with an in depth resource on the varied coastal areas and marine spaces of Ireland, featuring contributions from fellow ERI academics and researchers from UN GEMS Water/CDC, MaREI and School of BEES and Dept of Geography, including Dr Greg Beechinor, Dr Debbie Chapman, Dr Grace Cott (now University College Dublin), Dr Val Cummins (now Simply Blue), Dr Michelle Cronin, Professor John Davenport, Dr Tom Doyle, Dr Mark Jessopp, Professor Tom Kelly, Dr Susan Lettice, Dr Aaron Lim (now Green Rebel Marine), Dr Rob McAllen, Professor Maria McNamara, Dr Pat Meere, Professor John Quinn and Professor Andy Wheeler.

Drawing on written contributions from over 140 authors from across the island of Ireland and beyond, the Atlas takes an explicitly all-island approach; though the work has a much wider relevance and potential reader interest. It is organised into six sections, comprising a total of 33 chapters that take the reader from the distant geological past, by way of the prehistoric era and a focus on the island’s physical environments, through time and the human colonisation of Ireland, to the complex cultural and economic landscapes of the near past through to the present day. It concludes with an assessment of the importance of coastal and marine environments in understanding the island’s development, appreciating the present, and contemplating future opportunities and challenges. In the words of Editor Dr Val Cummins: “Although not claiming to be encyclopaedic, when read in its entirety the Atlas will provide readers with a fascinating and comprehensive excursion through time and space along Ireland’s coastline" - Dr Val Cummins.

Full details on how to order are at Cork University Press: see here.
It is retailing at €59. Order online now, and will be in all good bookshops in the coming weeks.