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Science in Society Public Lecture Series


This fascinating weekly lecture series is delivered by world-leading UCC STEM academics and is open to the public.

The lectures will outline the nature of science, the type of knowledge discovered by science and the types of question that science cannot answer. They will look at the role of science in modern society, in the modern developed economy, and the broad ethical issues raised by scientific and technological advances. The interface between science and religion, and science and the environment will also be examined, along with some of the ways in which science can be misused.

Lecture Details

All lectures will be held in Boole 2, Boole Basement, Main Campus, UCC

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6.00pm - 7.00pm




Tuesday 17 January

How science works

Prof Alan Kelly

Thursday 19 January

The ethics of science communication

Prof Alan Kelly

Tuesday 24 January

Food processing: a problem or a solution?

Prof Alan Kelly

Thursday 26 January

What has science discovered about the natural physical world (part 1)?

Prof Paul Callanan

Tuesday 31 January

What has science discovered about the natural physical world (part 2)?

Prof Paul Callanan

Thursday 2 February

Can wind power allow us reach net zero emissions?

Prof Jerry Murphy

Tuesday 7 February

When science goes wrong; Eugenics and the Nazis, weapons of mass destruction and environmental pollution

Dr Michael Whelan

Thursday 9 February

Properties of the human microbiome

Prof Paul O’Toole

Tuesday 14 February

The gut microbiome in health and disease

Prof Paul O’Toole

Thursday 16 February

Darwinian evolution: past, present and future I

Dr Tom Reed

Tuesday 21 February

Darwinian evolution: past, present and future II

Dr Tom Reed

Thursday 23 February

An overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Prof Barry O’Sullivan

Thursday 2 March

The ethics of artificial intelligence

Prof Barry O’Sullivan

Tuesday 7 March

Plant based foods: sustainable and nutritious?

Dr Aylin Sahin

Thursday 9 March

Advances in Genetic Engineering

Prof Tommie McCarthy

Tuesday 14 March

Mathematics and society

Dr Tom Carroll

Tuesday 21 March

Can the food we eat really make us smarter?

Dr Elaine McCarthy

Thursday 23 March

Science and the environment

Dr Michelle McKeown

Tuesday 28 March

Evolution of parent-offspring conflict

Dr Tom Moore 

Thursday 30 March

Obesity: the everyday pandemic

Dr Majella O’Keeffe

Tuesday 4 April

Some milestones in Ireland’s scientific heritage

Dr Declan Kennedy

Thursday 6 April

Globalised efforts to combat infectious disease

Prof Ger Killeen


Lectures are free to attend and all are welcome. Register your attendance here