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New Geochemistry Expert joins the ERI

We are delighted to welcome our new PI Dr Kate Kiseeva who has recently joined as a Lecturer in Geochemistry. Kate is an experimental petrologist with a strong background in geology and geochemistry. Many geological processes, such as magma genesis, the formation of mineral deposits, or the metamorphism of rocks, cannot be observed directly because they occur deep within the Earth. Although we may have rock samples brought to the surface by geological processes we can use our experiments to confirm, or discredit, the hypothesis that have been made about their formation. Therefore, as an experimental petrologist, Kate is using lab-based methods.

Kate’s current research interests revolve around two topics. One of them is how a number of economically and geologically important chemical elements partition themselves between the silicates of the outer parts of the Earth and sulphides, minerals and liquids rich in sulphur. This research covers a wide range of applications. It helps us to shed light on Earth’s and Moon’s bulk compositions, mantle and core geochemistry, generation of basaltic lavas as well as to provide important information for metallurgy, polymetallic ore deposits and platinum group element (PGE) exploration.

Kate’s second research interest is in the mantle oxidation state, deep carbon cycle and generation of kimberlite melts. In her current project she works on reconstruction of the transition zone composition by comparing natural majorite garnet inclusions in diamonds with the compositions of experimentally crystallised majorites from pyroxenitic rocks of different composition

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