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Citizen engagement for deliberative futures

The Imagining2050 project, hosted by the Environmental Research Institute and CPPU in UCC, is composed of highly experienced researchers from diverse backgrounds with a combination of researchers from University College Cork and Queens University Belfast.

The team seeks to consolidate in a single project existing research capacity in Ireland in terms of societal transitions, climate mitigation and climate adaptation.  Imagining 2050 will engage with civic society using innovative approaches, to explore and co-develop future visions of, and pathways to, a low carbon and climate resilient future. An added innovative component of the project is the use of creative communication and engagement methods.

An important part of the project’s methodology is to develop and implement innovative approaches for climate dialogues using mini-publics to co-construct visions and pathways for a low-carbon and climate resilient society.

“Citizen engagement beyond the ballot box is essential. There is a need for a variety of ‘deliberative moments’ within our democratic system to ensure decisions are informed, acceptable and more likely to be implemented” says Imagining 2050 PI Clodagh Harris

The Deliberative Futures Workshop proposes a 3-stage process seeking to connect local dialogues with decision-makers, experts and wider civil society

Below you can watch an animation offering a brief outlook on the deliberative process and outlining the deliberative futures workshop 3-stage process carried by Imagining2050 team.