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Announcing Book Launch - Metaphor, Sustainability, Transformation

The launch event for the edited collection Metaphor, Sustainability, Transformation: Transdisciplinary Perspectives takes place online on Thursday 20 January from 4:30-6:00pm.


The book gathers a range of transdisciplinary insights into the role of metaphor, myth and fable in shaping our understanding of the world and illustrates the ways in which contemporary metaphors lock us into patterns of thinking, modes of behaviour, and styles of living that reproduce and accentuate our current socio-environmental problems. It explores how metaphor might facilitate and underpin transformative change towards environmental, ecological and societal sustainability.

Metaphor, Sustainability, Transformation is part of an ongoing transdisciplinary collaboration involving academics from across University College Cork/Environmental Research Institute and beyond who share the conviction that the transitions to greater environmental and ecological sustainability and economic equality require new conversations.  Such conversations must reach across disciplines and engage with currently excluded communities, ideas and worldviews and acknowledge that the necessary transitions will not be solely technological, but will require simultaneous transformations in society and psyche. 

We are delighted therefore that leading storyteller Jo Blake will join us as our special guest for this launch event. Dr. Jo Blake has a PhD in storytelling practices, an MA with Distinction in Dance Theatre and a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts. She performs, teaches and collaborates with prominent national and international institutions, including the National Trust, National Theatre and British Council. 

At this moment in history, when humanity requires a radically new story, we invite you to join us as Dr. Jo Blake and the authors of Metaphor, Sustainability, Transformation explore the role that story, myth and metaphor can play in the transition to a fairer and more sustainable future.

Edited By Ian Hughes, Edmond Byrne, Gerard Mullally, Colin Sage.