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Agroforestry expert Paul Soden of Green Man Farm to give seminar at UCC

The Environmental Research Institute, as part of our 2020 Seminar Series, will be holding a seminar on the topic of Regenerative Agriculture with guest speaker Paul Soden of Green Man Farm, Brazil on Wednesday, Jan 22nd at 2:30pm - 3:30 pm in Seminar Room 1.28, ERI Lee Road Building. This is a free event open to the public. All are welcome. 

Paul Soden graduated in mathematics from University College Cork and worked at Citibank and Reuters News Agency before becoming a farmer in Brazil 20 years ago. The Green Man Farm is a 30-acre training farm run by Paul with the goal of disseminating knowledge of regenerative agriculture through training, consulting and advocacy opportunities. Its initial work with the Federal University of Sao Paulo on the use of natural microorganisms in the fertilization of food crops (nature-based solutions), increasing soil fertility, water retention and carbon sequestration - to create a cleaner environment and mitigate carbon emissions - has yielded very promising results.