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Welcome to University College Cork’s Executive MBA programme.

We hope that the information in this website will give you a better understanding of the opportunities offered by our programme.

Our MBA programme is designed to help our students simultaneously contribute more effectively to their organisations and enhance their career prospects. The programme offers a broad understanding of all the important functions of an organisation: accounting, finance, strategy, human resources, IT, marketing and operations.

The programme is more than just a collection of functional disciplines, however. General managers need to integrate different organisation functions. This requires an integrative approach to leadership, entrepreneurship, the ability to reflect on and implement strategy, and the ability to work with different people of different temperaments and different professional and personal backgrounds. Our unique difference is that the UCC Executive MBA programme is explicitly focused on the integration of personal, professional and organisational development – a theme that runs right through our approach to programme design and delivery. The programme is demanding and requires an intensive commitment of time and effort over both years. We believe the payoff will be large: you will learn to think and act about management and leadership in new and valuable ways, in an enjoyable, supportive and stimulating learning environment.

The MBA programme is held in high regard by its students, its graduates, their employers and the wider business community. We are pleased by the career success and personal and professional development of our MBA graduates. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the programme to create a better and more valuable experience for our students.

Take a look through our website. We believe we have a lot to offer you!

Prof Matthias Beck, Academic Director, UCC Executive MBA 


We would like to invite you to meet with us on an individual basis, to discuss the programme and how it can impact on your career.


You can contact us at or on 00353-21-4902394 to arrange a suitable time.


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MBA Trust


The MBA Charitable Trust was set up in 2012 by the Executive MBA class of UCC. The idea was formed when a number of the teams in the class were asked to work with charitable organisations and found that as business people they could re-direct the same creativity typically used to generate profits towards social good.

​The initiative is largely run by MBA graduates and students but welcomes assistance and support from anyone who feels they can contribute to our chosen charities.

The Vision

A society where individuals in business are inspired to make a positive contribution​​.

The Mission
​​The MBA Trust is an initiative dedicated to helping the under-served in society by stimulating people's creative capacity to lead meaningful lives.​

You can find out more about the MBA Charitable Trust at 


The TeamMBA Award 2015


In 2015 the UCC Executive MBA Charitable Trust, was shortlisted for the prestigious TeamMBA Award.

Run by GMAC (the Graduate Management Admission Council) Team MBA is an initiative in which students, faculty, staff, and friends of the MBA community gather together to perform community service or participate in charity events to promote the goodwill of the MBA.

Five teams were shortlisted, with the UCC Executive MBA Charitable Trust - Black-Tie Charity Ball being the sole Irish & European entry.

The Charity Ball - held on 28th February 2015 - raised substantial sums for local charities.

The annual TeamMBA Award program recognizes schools that exemplify a commitment to social responsibility through the actions of their students and the school's demonstrated support of these efforts. The awards are presented in June during a ceremony at the GMAC Annual Conference.

Voting on and and review by the TeamMBA Advisory Committee (composed of business school professionals) determines the award recipients.

To encompass the diversity of schools and activities, the award structure includes two annual award categories: the individual initiative/service project award and the overall institution award.

The individual initiative/service project award recognizes an outstanding individual or group project in categories such as community service, sustainability/greening, and consulting. Entries are evaluated based on scope, impact, innovation, and application of business principles.

The overall institution award recognizes a school for its commitment to promoting and supporting social engagement by its students through school-led programs, services, institutional culture, and community outreach.



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