Wind Value

At the end-of-life of a windfarm a decision must be made whether the farm should be decommissioned, have its life extended or be repowered (new turbines). By analysing the value of wind farms as they age, Wind Value aims to develop two decision support tools, one commercial and one for the community.

The first decision support tool is for wind farm owners to decide between the three choices as end-of-life approaches. The second decision support tool is for local communities who may wish to invest in their local wind farm at a reasonable cost. Local people bring a unique leverage regarding local authority decisions about locally produced renewable energy. Thus, we examine the possible ways in which citizens can invest in existing windfarms as they approach end-of-life by using equity crowdfunding and other investment methods, and examine the risk profile of such investments.


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IRC Pathway Programme


Dr. Peter Deeney Dr. Paul Leahy


Climate Action, Healthy Environment