MSc (Business Information and Analytics Systems)

NFQ Level 9, Major Award

The MSc in Business Information and Analytics Systems (BIAS) is a full-time programme running for 12 months from the date of first registration for the programme.

Eligibility for the MSc (BIAS) requires candidates to have a 2.2 primary degree at NFQ Level 8 Honours Degree or equivalent, with appropriate information systems or computing technology skills content. You may also be admitted to the course on the basis of extensive practical or professional experience, as deemed appropriate by the Professor of Business Information Systems and the School of Business. Typical students are from technical disciplines such as, Management Information Systems (MIS) or Business Information Systems (BIS), engineering, computer science and mathematics. It is also suitable for business and humanities graduates who have studied computer science and Business Information Systems (BIS) subjects with some computer programming content.

Students take taught modules and a group project (IS6610) to the value of 90 credits as follows:

Part I (70 credits)
BU6007 Applied Research Methods (5 credits)
BU6509 Professional Development and Research Communication (5 credits)
IS6017 Enterprise Business Processes and Applications (5 credits)
IS6025 Design Thinking for Business Analysis (5 credits)
IS6026 Business Analyst Skills (5 credits)
IS6027 Information Systems Project Planning (5 credits)
IS6028 Information Systems Project Tracking and Oversight (5 credits)
IS6050 Business Data Strategy and Management (5 credits)
IS6051 Business Data Visualisation (5 credits)
IS6052 Descriptive and Predictive Analytics (5 credits)
IS6053 Decision Making and Decision Support Systems (5 credits)
IS6055 Prescriptive Analytics (5 credits)
IS6060 Cloud Technologies (5 credits)
IS6061 Secure Data Acquisition and Management (5 credits)

Part II (20 credits)
IS6610 Business Information and Analytics Project (20 credits)

Module Semester Information may be found here. Module Descriptions may be found here.

Full details and regulations governing Examinations for each programme will be contained in the Marks and Standards 2019/2020 Book and for each module in the Book of Modules, 2019/2020.

Three Year Rule
Candidates must pass within 3 academic years of the date of first registration.

Exit Awards
In the event of a candidate failing to pass Part II, and failing to achieve a pass standard following permitted minor corrections as outlined in "Pass Standard" above, the candidate will be offered an award of a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems, worth a total of 60 credits.

Repeat Provision - MSc Business Information Systems
This programme replaces the MScBIS. Students who require a repeat examination beyond Autumn 2016 will be offered a repeat in a new module that most closely matches the original failed module.

Programme Learning Outcomes for MSc (Business Information and Analytics Systems) (NFQ Level 9, Major Award)
On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

Programme Learning Outcomes for Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information and Analytics Systems (NFQ Level 9, Major Award)
On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

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