First Year Postgraduate students complete Part 1 of their registration by registering their programme of study and associated modules online. To complete Part 2 of their registration First Year Postgraduate students must

At registration each postgraduate student must produce:

  1. Proof of online registration; and
  2. Receipt for class fees paid or evidence of award of grant/scholarship etc. and;
  3. Original transcripts and proof of conferring (in the case of Non-UCC graduates);
  4. Passport or Birth Certificate (in the case of Non-UCC graduates).

Online Registration
Online Registration applies in respect of all ongoing postgraduate degree/diploma students.

Instructions for registration will be emailed to each student. Further information, if required, is available from: the Student Records and Examinations Office, in the case of ongoing students; or the Graduate Studies Office, in the case of first year postgraduates.

Address Details

On registration, every student must enter his/her address (i.e. home and, if applicable, term address) at the Student Records and Examinations Office. Important documentation regarding registration and examinations is posted throughout the academic year. It is important, therefore, to notify the Student Records and Examinations Office of any subsequent change of address which occurs during the session; failure to do so may have serious consequences.

ID Cards
On completion of all registration requirements (including fee payment), student ID cards for a given academic year will be posted to students' home addresses. ID cards for first year students will be issued at registration.


For full information concerning the details of programmes/subjects/modules available in a particular college, students should refer to the relevant section of the University Calendar. They are warned not to enter for modules in which the hours of lectures clash. If a student finds that two modules for which he/she wishes to enter do clash, he/she should immediately consult with the Heads of the Schools/Departments concerned and notify the Senior Vice-President Academic and Registrar; if the clash is unavoidable, the student may not enter for the two modules concerned.

University College Cork reserves the right to limit the number of students taking any particular subject/module to a level proportionate to the staff/accommodation available. With the exception of the Diploma in Arts (Applied Irish) and the part-time Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education no student may, without the permission of the Colleges/Faculties concerned and Academic Board, register in any one session for more than one complete programme (i.e. the prescribed modules in a group of subjects leading to a degree, diploma or other University distinction). Students of the University may be allowed to take the part-time Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education or the Diploma in Arts (Applied Irish) alongside a research programme subject to the approval of the relevant Head(s) of Schools/Departments or Programme Director(s).


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