Certificate in Languages

NFQ Level 6, Special Purpose Award

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure that the programme and module content as described in the University's Calendar and Book of Modules for the 2021-22 academic year are accurate. However, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, no guarantee is given that programme/module content, delivery and assessment may not be altered, cancelled, replaced, augmented or otherwise amended. Any changes will ensure the same competencies and Learning Outcomes are met. Programme and/or Module Coordinators will communicate any such changes to students.

The Certificate in Languages is a part-time programme taken over one or two academic years. It involves the study of two languages (from Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) at levels from beginner to advanced. In determining the appropriate modules to be taken in each of the languages, recognition will be given for prior learning, and where appropriate students' language level will be assessed by the relevant language coordinator.

Holders of the Certificate in Languages who subsequently apply for and are offered a place on the BA degree will automatically receive exemptions for any modules passed in the Certificate in Languages provided that entry to the BA is undertaken within 5 years from the completion of the Certificate programme, and that the relevant modules are still on offer and included in their chosen programme of study within the BA Degree.

Students take 20 credits as follows (10 credits each from two languages):

CH1001 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 1 (10 credits)
CH2107 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 2 (10 credits)
CH3017 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 3 (15 credits)

FR0105 Introduction to French (5 credits) and FR1005 French for Near Beginners (5 credits)
Foundation Course in Written and Oral French (10 credits)
FR1105 Threshold French (5 credits) and FR1107 French for Reading Purposes I (5 credits)
FR2101 Advanced French Language I (10 credits)
FR2105 Towards Vantage French (5 credits) and FR2107 French for Reading Purposes II (5 credits)
FR4101 Advanced Use of French (10 credits)

GE1101 Integrated Written and Oral Language Course for German (10 credits)
GE1103 Integrated Written and Oral German Language Course for Beginners (10 credits)
GE2101 Integrated German Language Course (10 credits)
GE2801 Integrated German Language Course for BComm Students (10 credits)
GE3101 Advanced Integrated German Language Course (10 credits)
GE3801 Advanced Integrated German Language Course for BComm Students (10 credits)

IT1101 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian (10 credits)
IT1102 Non-Beginners’ Written and Spoken Italian (10 credits)
IT1109 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian (10 credits)
IT2101 Intermediate Italian Language (10 credits)
IT3101 Advanced Italian Language (10 credits)


PU1101 Portuguese Beginners Language (10 credits)

HS0028 Spanish Language (Beginner Level) (10 credits)
HS0128 Spanish Language (Improver [01] Level) (10 credits)
HS1102 First Year Spanish Language for Non-Beginners (10 credits)
HS2101 Second year Spanish Language Course (Ex-Beginners) (10 credits)
HS2102 Second Year Spanish Language Course (Ex non-Beginners) (10 credits)
HS3001 Final Year Spanish Language (10 credits)

Module Semester Information may be found here. Module descriptions may be found here.

Full details of regulations governing Examinations for each programme will be contained in the Marks and Standards 2021/2022 Book, and for each module in the Book of Modules, 2021/2022.

Programme Learning Outcomes for Certificate in Languages (NFQ Level 6, Special Purpose Award)
On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

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