Picture by Vicki O Donnell

The overall objective of the Coastal & Marine Resources Centre is to investigate the interactions between biological and physical coastal and ocean resources and human populations, with a view to establishing the level of sustainable utilisation, and thereafter, stimulating the adoption of scientifically-based integrated coastal and ocean management plans.

The objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide information in a manageable form by the evaluation and mapping of
    physical and biological resources
    , including societal features, in coastal and ocean areas;
  • To investigate the physical and biological processes operating in coastal and ocean areas, including monitoring the impacts of change in coastal and ocean use;
  • To formulate and promote integrated coastal and ocean management strategies with due attention to the risks to, and potential of, coastal and ocean resources and processes;
  • To increase awareness and develop expertise in integrated coastal and ocean resource management by education and training of coastal and ocean resources
    students, managers and users
Picture by M Mackey